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A unique way to develop and run JavaScript on your cloud - deliver 10x faster.

WarpJS is an Enterprise Platform for developing and deploying APIs as functions, on your cloud.

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WarpJS offers the fastest iteration on the market. Which means that your projects will go live up to 10x faster by saving the API headaches to your developers. A several-months project can be done in less than a week.

Meet WarpJS

the fastest iteration on the market

Developers won't waste any more time caring about client-side, server-side, writing requirements, coding, testing, documenting, calling, managing the errors and deploying the endpoints of the APIs. WarpJS connects ends together, saving both time and effort to everyone.

Exclusive WarpJS features

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WarpJS turns a module into a micro-service, and its exported functions into an API. This avoids any Express code, HTTP routing, error codes management... Developers can really focus on business code, instead of the client-server communication.

  • Call native function, no HTTP
  • Serverless Emulator
  • Client & server versions work in sync
  • ...
Turn any pure Javascript function into a microservice

Turn any pure Javascript function into a microservice

And many more features to discover soon:

How WarpJS works

At build: it turns a JavaScript module into an API, generating both a package for the client-side (a helper module, wrapping the calls) and a Docker for server-side.

WarpJS plays a key when dealing with client / server communication with JavaScript:

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At run: WarpJS manages the APIs (endpoints, environment, calls and replies).

Faster delivery time of new web features

Use cases

Fullstack development

Faster delivery time of a BFF / proxy

Creating micro-services

Batch processing

Private cloud modernization

Hybrid cloud

Developers don't need to waste time anymorecaring about client-side, server-side, requiring, coding,testing, documenting, calling, managing the errors anddeploying the endpoints of the APIs. WarpJS connectsends together, saving both time and effort to everyone. View in details...

Full stack developers can develop Front and back end in the same project, saving days with avoiding to code the HTTP APIs, with a full support of both sides live reload, and with static assets and server deployment

Front-end developers can now develop and deploy themselves BFF (Back-end For Front-end) proxies to serve their Front End with exactly the data they need, wether it comes from a single service to filter or from multiple services to aggregate.

Instead of exposing RESTful APIs, developers can directly expose functions between JavaScript Services. Your team gains velocity in micro-services development and deployment.

Get the best of a FaaS architecture with WarpJS. Serverless promise is to scale with no limit, WarpJS can distribute your processing across your network to run your jobs iterations in parallel, drastically reducing the total processing time.

WarpJS transforms your on premise and private cloud into a FaaS. WarpJS deployment phase can be customized with your DevOps and SecOps in order to deploy it on your infrastructure: Docker, Kubernetes, etc.

Do you need to move your functions from one cloud to one another? WarpJS can that with a single command line. It is that simple. WarpJS’ patented technology allows you to redeploy as you wish and to run functions in the infrastructure of your choice.

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We reduced our front-end - back-end workflow from 4 to 1 week with WarpJS, by removing all the ping-pong between the two teams.

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Vanilla JS





Deploy anywhere

Google Cloud Platform

Amazon Web Services



On-premise with Kubernetes

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